British Cultural studies Module one

British Cultural Studies

Module One

United Kingdom country and people

Geographical and Climate UK England and Wales

Division into regions

Geographical and cultural differences between the regions

Task: Make 2 lists.  (Pairs)

  1. Brainstorm items that demonstrate geographical differences between the regions.
  2.  Make a list about the Geographical differences between the regions.
  3. Brainstorm items that demonstrate cultural differences between the regions.
  4. Make a list and outline the cultural differences between the regions.

Task:  Research the following cities and make a list of at least five interesting places to visit (Pairs)

  1. London
  2. Cardiff
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Belfast


United Kingdom Wikipedia

Geography of the UK

Culture of the UK

  2. Uk Geography and Climate: Scotland and Northern Ireland

2.1  Climate and weather in the regions 

The Met Office

2.2  Geography and Demographics

Scotland Demography

Scotland Geography

Northern Ireland Demography

Northern Ireland Geography

2.3  Interesting places and events



2.4  Task:  In groups design and create a document that compares Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Include the following:

  • Graphs that demonstrate similarities and differences in climate and weather.
  • Maps that demonstrate similarities and differences in geography and demographics
  • Similarities and differences interesting places and events.



3.  Population and demography UK

3.1  English domination

The British Empire

3.2  Cultural, historical and political differences

English and Welsh

Scottish and English

3.3  Stereotypes



3.4  Task:

In groups write an objective history of the UK

Include the following:

Graphs demonstrating population change

Maps demonstrating political change

Important events in their history

Dispel any historical and stereotypical inaccuracies in popular culture