American Cultural studies Module One

1.  Beliefs and Attitudes



Task:  (Individual)

  • Make a list of your beliefs about America.
  • List behaviours that demonstrate those beliefs

Task:  Brainstorm and then create four lists: (Pair)

  1.  Ethnic minorities.
  2. Cultural differences between the ethnic minorities.
  3. Different regions in the USA.
  4. Cultural differences between those regions.

Democracy in the USA

Pioneering Spirit

Task:  Create a poster that demonstrates American values and pioneering spirit.  (Pairs).


American electoral system



2.  Modern Family model in America


2.1  Contemporary American family model

Family structure in the USA

2.2  The role of women and men in the family and society

The role of women and men in the USA

Gender roles in American society

Gender stereotypes throughout history

2.3  Divorce and ‘ alternative lifestyles ‘,

Marriage and Divorce

Divorce rates

2.4  Ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries ,

Wedding anniversaries

2.5  The concept of nuclear family and extended family

Nuclear Family

2.6  Task:

In groups write a short document about the American family, include the following topics:

The modern American family unit.

The changing roles of men and women in the family and in society.

Marriage and divorce.


3.  American Etiquette


3.1  Behavior accepted by society ,

Social practices in the USA

3.2  Examples of socially unacceptable behavior ,

Social practices in the USA (2)

3.3  Formal language in conversation

Formal and informal language

List of formal and informal words

3.4  Good manners at the table 

Bad table manners

Table manners

Good table manners

3.5  The behavior of men and women in everyday situations 

3.6  Behaviour of students in class

Some tips for students

Tips from the past

3.7  Task:

In your group write a short document outlining what to do and what not to do for a teenager from Suwalki visiting the USA for one semester.

Include the following:

  • Acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in class and during dinner dates.
  • Examples of formal language you can throw into conversation.
  • How to act in abnormal situations.