I am a Ph. D. candidate with the School of Computer Science and Statistics in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, currently on career break from my position as a primary school teacher, where I have worked for the past eight years.  Prior to that I worked as a TEFL teacher in S. Korea, Poland and Dublin.  I am currently living in Poland.



  • Extensive theory and practice, knowledge and skills in 21st century learning, CPD, E-learning, theory and instruction, course development and Instructional design models.
  • Experience creating and designing online learning platforms using Moodle, WordPress and Sharepoint.
  • Experience using camtasia, articulate studio, articulate storyline 2, dreamweaver, photoshop, for creating e-learning content.
  • Skills in html, css, php, java and javascript,.
  • Blogging and journal writing 
  • Researching and development.
  • Statistics.



  • IGBL 2016  An exploration of the use of Minecraft for Computational Thinking skills development at primary level.
  • AUCEI 2016  Teachers’ pedagogy beliefs and teachers technology beliefs.
  • Excited 2016  Design thinking workshop.
  • AUCEI 2014  A synthesised instructional design model for 21st century learning.



I am currently working with schools to build internal school systems that include e-portfolios, blogs, discussion boards, staff sites and spaces for teachers to co-create learning activities.

I am also developing an online 21st century learning C.P.D. platform for teachers.

I am currently building a content management system for teachers to co-create e-learning activities which includes automated monthly reports.

To date:

2013 – 2017
A variety of videos and elearning activities.

2016  St. Patricks cathedral choir school
This project required configuring the office 365 and Sharepoint system for a two teacher school.  Including discussion boards, blogs, e-portfolios, staff sites and notebooks.

2016  Minecraft
The students took part in the Minecraft Mindrising competition.

2014 – 2016  CS Guru
After school Google C.S. course.  Using Scratch the participants created a wide variety of programmes including video games and fashion design.

2014 – 2016  Design Thinking at primary level
The students engaged in activities based on the Design Thinking methodology from Stanford D-School.

2014 – 2016  Smart phones at school
I began an exploration of the use of smart phones in class for learning.  Students recorded videos, searched on the internet, checked spellings, recorded reflections, interviewed staff and parents amongst others.

2014  E-learning at primary school
Using Sharepoint and office 365 the students engaged in a short 2 week long e-learning activity focused on practicing analysing skills in geography.

2013 – 2016  Bridge 21 at primary level
The students engaged in activities based on the Bridge 21 model from Trinity College Dublin.

2013  Second life
The students explored creating and designing in Second life.

2013  Mobile learning activity.
Using IPads and Skype learners had to follow a trail around the school and message information back to their team mates in the classroom.

2012 – 2016  Office 365 and Sharepoint.
Configuring users, permissions, class sites, blogs, discussion boards, e-portfolios, staff sites, learning support sites, and sites for clubs and activities for a 27 teacher school.

2012  Online curriculum
Using Sharepoint I created an online primary school curriculum using a synthesis of instructional design models.

An app portal for parents, teachers and students categorised by subject and grade.


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