Human Life

Human Life


1.  Objective

1.1  develop a simple understanding of the structure of some of the body’s major internal and external organs

1.2  develop a simple understanding of food and nutrition

1.3  develop an understanding of the reproductive systems of both male and female and of the physical changes taking place in both male and female during growth to adulthood

1.4  become aware of and investigate breathing

1.5  identify and understand ways in which the body protects itself against disease and infection


2.  Recall

2.1  Sketch and label teeth found in an adult human.

2.2  List methods for keeping teeth clean and in good condition.

2.3  Brainstorm and list food that an average adult eats on a daily basis.

2.4  Categorise the food by nutritional value.

2.5  Give reasons for why food has that nutritional value and examples of how it impacts upon the body.

2.6  Create three examples of a weekly balanced and healthy diet.

2.7  Sketch and label examples of the male and female body at three different stages of life.

2.8  Compare and contrast the male and female body at three different stages of life.

2.9  Outline the differences of the male and female body at three different stages of life.

2.10  Sketch a diagram of the nose, windpipe and lungs from three different elevations.  Top, front and side on elevation.

2.11  Create a flow chart demonstrating why oxygen is vital to the human body.

2.12  Outline in four stages what effect smoking has on the windpipe and the lungs over time.

2.13  Brainstorm and list common diseases and infections humans experience.

2.14  Suggest organs that contribute to preventing diseases and infections.

2.15  Give reasons for how the organs you listed help to prevent disease and infection.

3.  Performance

Create a poster/presentation/video about the human body including the following:

3.1  The male and female body’s major internal organs.

3.2  The male and female body’s major external organs.

3.3  The importance of a balanced and healthy diet.

3.4  The importance of clean air for the body to grow.

3.5  The effects smoking has on the human body over time.

3.6  Diseases and infections the average human should be aware of.

3.7  Steps that people should take in order to avoid contracting diseases or infections.

4.  Assessment

Your artefact will be evaluated on the following: (100%)

4.1  Detail and accuracy of your diagrams of the human body.  (22.5%)

4.2  Evidence of and reasons for the nutritional value of a healthy diet. (22.5%)

4.3  Evidence for how smoking impacts upon the human body.   (22.5%)

4.4  Examples of how people may take steps to prevent the contraction of certain diseases and infections. (22.5%)

4.5  The clarity and design of your artefact. (10%).