Norman Ireland

Norman Ireland


1.  Objective

1.1  become familiar with some aspects of the lives of these peoples

1.2  examine critically, and become familiar with, evidence we have which tells us about these people, especially evidence of these people which may be found locally and in Ireland, where appropriate

1.3  record the place of these peoples on appropriate timelines.

2.  Recall

2.1  Brainstorm the different types of homes people have had throughout history.

2.2  Make a list of countries and similarities and differences in clothes of each country.

2.3  Brainstorm the different types of technologies people have used throughout history.

2.4  Make a list of technologies and their country of origin.

2.5  Make a list of famous people, what they are famous for and their country of origin.

3.  Performance

Create a museum or a presentation or a poster including the following information:

3.1  origins
3.2   homelands and migrations
3.3  homes, settlements and urban developments
3.4  food and farming
3.5  clothes
3.6  work and technologies
3.7  tools and weapons
3.8  cultural or artistic achievements
3.9  language(s), myths and stories
3.10  leisure and pastimes
3.11  faith, beliefs and religious practices burial practices
3.12  links these people had with Ireland or Europe (as appropriate)
3.13  arrival, settlement and life of these people in Ireland (as appropriate)
3.14  relationship of these people with other civilizations
3.15  long-term contribution of these people

Also include the following:

3.16  Place these people on a timeline in relation to other civilizations.

4.  Assessment

Your artefact will be evaluated using the following criteria:

4.1  Aspects of these people.  (15 x 4%)

4.2  Quality of evidence used (10%)

4.3  References for evidence used (10%)

4.4  Accuracy of timeline (10%)

4.4  Clarity and design of your artefact.  (10%).