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Welcome to learn4urlife.com.

Learn4urlife.com is a project I started in 2013 while teaching full-time as a primary school teacher.

The objective of the site is to provide examples of 21st century learning activities and technology enhanced learning activities for use at primary school level, by students, parents and teachers.

The major components of the site are:


The use of video for teaching and learning has many benefits for both teacher and learner.  The teacher can benefit from the use of new media to enhance their delivery of content knowledge and procedural knowledge amongst others.

The learner on the other hand has access to instructional methodology which they can repeat if necessary.

E-learning activities

One of the benefits of using e-learning software is for giving users instant feedback, enabling the user to measure their progress independently of an outside agent.


During my time as a student in the School of Computer Science and Statistics I have been heavily influenced by the change from traditional teaching and learning to teaching and learning in the 21st century.

The core concepts behind the learning activities are groups of individuals working on a problem or a task in a shared space that requires the co-creation of an artefact.


A small collection of Scratch games are available on the site.


There are links to useful websites and apps which are categorised by subject.

Please feel free to use the resources, however, remember to reference their origin.

I will be adding more content to the site over time.

All the best,

Dermot Walsh